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EMPA - Comunicato Stampa

EMPA - Comunicato Stampa

European Maritime Pilot's Association


European Pilots welcome EU agreement on new Ports Regulation

On Monday the 27th of June, representatives of the three legislative institutions of the EU successfully reached an agreement on the new Port Services Regulation. This legislation will establish a framework for the provision of port services and financial transparency of European ports.

EMPA, The European Maritime Pilots' Association welcomes the well balanced and coherent conclusion of this extensive legislative process. We believe that the new Regulation will turn out to be an important legal structure for further sustainable growth and development of the important European Ports and Shipping industries.

We commend the wise and solution-oriented approach that has been demonstrated by the European Parliament's Rapporteur, Mr. Knut Fleckenstein and his staff, by the Dutch Presidency and by the DG MOVE. EMPA also commends the fruitful co-operation with our sister stakeholders' associations in the European maritime cluster during this process.

An important and clear signal that was given by the European Parliament at its plenary decision on 8th March this year, is that Maritime Pilotage, due to its public service obligations, should not be subject to market access philosophies. The reasoning used by several EPP MEPs when proposing amendment to exclude pilotage from chapter II of the Regulation explains this very well:

Pilotage provides an essential and unique service to the shipping industry, which if open to competition would jeopardise maritime safety and security, the protection of the environment and the efficiency of ports. This service should be therefore excluded from the scope of this Chapter.

EMPA fully concurs with binding guidelines that ensure transparent, objective, proportionate and relevant port services and the transparent financing thereof.

For further information, please contact:

Capt. Stein Inge Dahn, EMPA president, tel: +47 951 90 582

EMPA, The European Maritime Pilots' Association is a professional, non-profit organization which represents about 5.000 maritime pilots from 25 European countries, regrouping member countries’ associations of maritime pilots from the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Pilotage is a mandatory public service, strictly regulated by the States, related to maritime safety, efficiency and protection of the environment. The task of the pilots is to assist the captains of vessels in ports and their approaches by bringing them not only independent knowledge of the local maritime conditions and operational practices but also their daily extensive experience of navigating ships in restricted waters. They optimize thus, in an efficient way, the traffic flow and the operation of port facilities while ensuring the control of risks inherent in sailing ships in sensitive coastal areas.

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